Vamos completar as lacunas!

Son: Dad. Can I go outside to play?
Dad: Well, did you get you Saturday's work done?
Son: Ah, Dad. Do I have to?
Dad: Well, you know the rules. No playing until the work is done.
Son: So, what is my work?
Dad: Well, first you have to clean the bathroom including the toilet. And don't forget to scrub the bathtub.
Son: No, I want to do the family room.
Dad: Well, okay, but you have to vacuum the family room and the hall, and be sure to dust everything. Oh, and don't for get to wipe the walls and clean the baseboards. [Okay.] And after that. [Oh, no.] Next, sweep and mop the kitchen floor and be sure to polish the table in the living room.
Son: Okay. Okay.
Dad: And make your bed and pick up all your toys and put them away. And . . .
Son: More?
Dad: Yeah. And then, how about going out for lunch and getting a big milk shake, but you probably don't want to do that.
Son: No, No. I want to.
Dad: Okay. While you're doing your work, I'll be out in the yard rake leaves and pulling weeds.